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Our Newest Shows

The Artist – A Killer’s Canvas

“The Artist: A Killer’s Canvas” is a haunting series that delves into the chilling world of a serial killer who views murder as his ultimate artistic expression. Spanning five decades, this gripping narrative follows the evolution of a monster, from his troubled youth to his reign as a notorious murderer.

Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions and all other players.

Dig, Plant, Water, Repeat (Gardening)

Join YouTube star Janey Santos, host of the new gardening podcast “Dig, Plant, Water, Repeat” twice a week for a personal journey into her garden. Hear all the insights and wisdom she’s cultivated over the years to help you grow your garden dream! Whether it’s your first seedling or you’re an old hand in the garden, she’ll explore everything from choosing the right plants and soil, to mastering the art of landscaping.

Show Spotlight

Ballot (Politics)

Politics meets Pop Culture! Welcome to “Ballot,” the podcast that dives headfirst into the whirlwind of the 2024 political election. We’ll strip away the political jargon and dive into the heart of the action, offering a fresh, sassy take on the biggest stories, candidates, and controversies. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions and all other players.

Romance Weekly (Fiction)

Join us for “Romance Weekly”, a captivating podcast that explores heartwarming love stories. From whirlwind romances to overcoming challenges, immerse yourself in tales of love triumphing over obstacles. Discover the enduring power and beauty of love as we share enchanting narratives of couples navigating relationships. Also available in Spanish as “Amor Semanal”. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

Our Shows

Palace Intrigue (News & Entertainment)

“Palace Intrigue” is a daily news podcast that keeps you up to date with the captivating world of the British Royal Family. With a focus on King Charles, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and the rest of the family, this podcast provides a front-row seat to the drama, power struggles, and secrets within the palace walls. Tune in daily for fascinating stories that shape the monarchy. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

Daily Comedy News (Entertainment News)

Start your day with “Daily Comedy News” for a dose of humor and stay updated on the comedy scene. Dive into the worlds of comedy legends like Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan, Jim Gaffigan, and more. Get monologue recaps from late-night shows like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert. Stay in the know with daily updates on stand-up comedy, TV shows, festivals, and new releases on Netflix. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

Five Good News Stories (News & Spirituality)

“5 Good News Stories” is a podcast hosted by Johnny Mac that focuses on sharing positive and uplifting news from around the world. Each episode features five inspiring stories, ranging from acts of kindness to scientific breakthroughs. The podcast aims to remind listeners that there are reasons to be hopeful even in challenging times. Tune in for a dose of positivity and inspiration! Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

Five Daily Trivia Questions (Education/Entertainment)

Daily trivia perfect for trivia enthusiasts, curious minds, and learners of all ages, ‘Five Daily Trivia Questions’ provides a quick, diverse, and informative escape into the world of trivia covering a wide array of topics, from American history and superheroes to pizza and chocolate. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

Ghost – Scary Stories (Fiction)

Discover a new world of terror and suspense with “Ghost: Scary Stories,” the ultimate podcast for terrifying tales! Join us for bone-chilling ghost stories that will make your heart race and your spine tingle. Join us on this haunting journey and face your deepest fears.  A Spanish language version “Ghost: Historias Escalofriantes” is also available. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

Murder Weekly (Fiction)

Step into the dark and twisted world of crime with Murder Weekly, the podcast that will send shivers down your spine. Each week, we bring you a gripping murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. With thrilling plots, intriguing characters, and unexpected twists, Murder Weekly will leave you craving for more. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind perplexing homicides in history. Tune in to Murder Weekly and prepare to be captivated. Also available in Spanish as “Crimen Semenal”. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

Taylor Swift Today (Entertainment News)

Welcome to the ultimate Taylor Swift fan zone! Stay up-to-date with all things related to her music, tours, movies, and personal life. Taylor Swift Today has got you covered with the latest headlines and updates. From chart-topping hits to blockbuster films, we’ve got it all right here! Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the fabulous world of Taylor Swift!

This is an amazing podcast. It’s my first time listening although I’ve been following for like 2 months only because I’m a Swiftie. But this is really great! 🥰🙂♥️

The Top 11 (Entertainment & Education)

The Top 11. It’s one more. Each week, we embark on an in-depth exploration of a single topic, uncovering 11 fascinating facets of it. From mind-bending mysteries and groundbreaking science to iconic movie moments, quirky hobbies, mythical creatures, iconic album covers, and more, our laser focus on one theme delivers a concentrated burst of knowledge and entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of 11s, a lover of rock, or simply someone with a thirst for knowledge, tune in to “The Top 11”. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

Hitmaker Chronicles (Music)

Welcome to Hitmaker chronicles where music’s hidden stories come to life. Every episode we take you behind the scenes of the world’s most iconic songs, exploring the magic woven into every note and lyric. From pop anthems to timeless classics, Hitmaker chronicles delves deep into the heart of each track giving you an insider’s view into the creative process that shapes the songs you love.

The Messi Effect (Sports)

“The Messi Effect” is a podcast that explores the impact of legendary soccer player Lionel Messi and his new life at Inter Miami in the MLS. It goes beyond soccer analysis to delve into the glamorous world of Messi and the cultural phenomenon he brings to Miami. The podcast showcases behind-the-scenes stories of parties, events, and Messi’s new fashionable lifestyle in Miami. It celebrates the synergy between a global sports superstar and Miami’s cosmopolitan vibe.

Ballot (Politics)

Politics meets Pop Culture! Welcome to “Ballot,” the podcast that dives headfirst into the whirlwind of the 2024 political election. We’ll strip away the political jargon and dive into the heart of the action, offering a fresh, sassy take on the biggest stories, candidates, and controversies. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

The Weekly Mac (Food and Trends)

“The Weekly Mac” is your delectable gateway to the ever-evolving world of McDonald’s and fast-food phenomena. Join us as we share legendary tales from the drive-thru, explore mouthwatering international delights, and uncover the latest culinary surprises from the Golden Arches and beyond. “The Weekly Mac” promises to satisfy your appetite for all things sizzling in the world of fast food. Bon appétit!

Kard Talk (Entertainment News)

Welcome to the fun, fabulous world of America’s greatest celebrity family, the Kardashians. Join us as we follow the lives of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Rob, Kris, Caitlyn, the husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and exes. The triumphs and tragedies, the family dramas, the breakups, the makeups, the business, the personal. We’ll have all the highlights and cover it all in under 10 minutes on  “Kard Talk”.

Top Tour (Automotive/Entertainment)

Buckle up and join the wild ride with Clark, Mayson, and Ricky on ‘Top Tour,’ the podcast that takes automotive adventures to new heights.

This trio of petrolheads embarks on a journey filled with thrilling drives, epic challenges, and a healthy dose of irreverent humor. Drawing inspiration from the world’s most beloved car shows, ‘Top Tour’ puts a fresh spin on the genre, delivering an immersive audio experience that brings the excitement of the open road directly to your ears.

Monsters, Sharks, and Dinosaurs. (Entertainment)

Monsters, Sharks, and Dinosaurs dives into the fascinating worlds of the planet’s most awe-inspiring and fearsome beings. With tales from history, mythology, and science, this series offers an engaging journey through stories of oceanic predators, mythical creatures, and prehistoric giants. Join us for an adventurous exploration before one of them eats you. No actual monsters, sharks, nor dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this podcast. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

Entertainment Plus (Entertainment News)

“Entertainment Plus” is a podcast that covers the latest stories in the entertainment world. It provides up-to-date information on movies, TV shows, celebrities, and music. The show includes breaking news, interviews, analysis, and behind-the-scenes content. Whether it’s box office hits, trending series, or celebrity gossip, this podcast has it all. “Entertainment Plus” is informative and entertaining, and all under 10 mins.

TV In The Basement (TV Reviews)

Get ready for a nostalgia-filled journey through television history with the “TV In The Basement” podcast. Hosted by Journey Joe Mitchell, each episode explores beloved shows from different eras, including classics like “Happy Days” and “M*A*S*H” from the ’70s, action-packed ’80s series like “The A-Team” and “Knight Rider,”  iconic ’90s shows like “Seinfeld,” “Friends,” and “The X-Files.” and into the  2000s with “The Sopranos” “Lost.”and even “Suits”.  Don’t miss out on this trip down memory lane!

Travel is Back (Travel)

Embark on a genuine travel escapade with ‘Travel Is Back,’ your companion for exploring the world just like a fellow wanderer. Join our enthusiastic hosts, Johnny Mac and Journey Joe Mitchell, as they delve into journeys to captivating destinations, both checked off their lisst and those still on a wanderlust agenda. Our episodes aren’t your run-of-the-mill travel guides; they offer an intimate look into my personal travel preferences and the delightful activities to indulge in when you explore these remarkable destinations.

TechnoBiz (Business & Technology)

Welcome to ‘TechnoBiz,’ your weekly journey through the ever-evolving realms of business and technology. Join us as we delve into the latest trends and insights shaping the intersection of these two dynamic worlds. From groundbreaking tech innovations to intriguing business strategies, we bring you the stories that matter. Stay informed, inspired, and ahead of the curve with ‘TechnoBiz,’ your trusted source for the weekly pulse of the business and tech landscape.” New episodes every Thursday.

Sleep from Space (Health & Wellness)

Every episode is a tranquil journey through space, where we explore the marvels of our universe – from the enigmatic rings of Saturn to the icy surface of Pluto, and beyond. As the night sky unfolds above you, let the serene narrative and gentle ambient sounds guide you through the mysteries and beauty of space. Each story is meticulously crafted to be engaging and informative, yet calming and sleep-inducing. Available commercial-free on Apple Subscriptions.

The Best Song Ever (This Week) (Music)

“The Best Song Ever (This Week)”, is an extraordinary podcast hosted by Scott Frampton. Dive into a single song as Scott unravels its intricacies and reveals what makes it remarkable. This podcast blends diverse genres and eras, combining nostalgia with chart-topping hits. Experience music in a whole new way with Scott’s soulful exploration and captivating breakdown of each song.

Ghost: Historias Escalofriantes (Fiction Spanish)

Descubre un nuevo mundo de terror y suspenso con “Fantasma: Historias Escalofriantes”, ¡el podcast definitivo para cuentos terroríficos! Únete a nosotros para escuchar historias de fantasmas que harán que tu corazón se acelere y sientas un escalofrío en la columna. Acompáñanos en este viaje espectral y enfréntate a tus miedos más profundos.

Crimen Semanal – Historias Cortas de Delitos (Fiction Spanish)

Sumérgete en el oscuro y retorcido mundo del crimen con “Crimen Semanal”, el podcast que te pondrá la piel de gallina. Cada semana, te presentamos un fascinante misterio de asesinato que te mantendrá con la incógnita hasta el final. Con tramas emocionantes, personajes intrigantes y giros inesperados, “Crimen Semanal” te dejará deseando más. Únete a nosotros mientras desvelamos los secretos detrás de los homicidios más desconcertantes de la historia. Sintoniza “Crimen Semanal” y prepárate para quedar atrapado.

Amor Semenal (Fiction Spanish)

Únete a nosotros en “Amor Semanal”, un podcast cautivador que explora historias de amor que calientan el corazón. Desde romances de ensueño hasta la superación de retos, sumérgete en cuentos donde el amor triunfa sobre los obstáculos. Descubre el poder duradero y la belleza del amor mientras compartimos relatos encantadores de parejas navegando sus relaciones.

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